Printed Stained Glass Window

Glass Printing for decoration and architectural aplications such as doors, windows, mirrors.

flatbed printing

Glass Printing

Bathroom decoration

Direct to substrate flatbed digital printing on a variety of materials.

flatbed printing

Printing on tile

Direct to substrate flatbed printing for tile mural. 3m high by 42m in length with a total of 272,000 mosaics for Maria Bonita restaurant in Mexico City.

flatbed printing

México en tus Sentidos

Printing on any material or size for exhibitions.

México Naturaleza Viva. Fulvio Eccardi. México En tus Sentidos. Willy Sousa Águila Real Guadalupe Legorreta Ciudad de México Expo Sevilla 92 Comfot 99

Exhibition Printing

Fine Art

Inkjet printing on cotton paper and giclee.

Fine Art Printing

3D Lenticular Mural

Design of lenticular 3D, flip and morph files for printing on lenticular lens sheets.

3D Lenticular Printing

CNC Router Cutting

High precision router cutting on a great variety of materials. Aplications include signs, logos, boxes, window display, exhibitions, etc.

Also cutting on previously printed material.

Router Cutting

Digital Printing

Professional photo digital printing on glossy, matte and duratrans.

Digital printing on photographic material using high output RGB lasers, achieving the highest possible quality.

Digital Printing

Large format printing

Large format printing billboards, banners, floor graphics, backlite display, stands.

Large Format Printing

Photo Album

Photo Album design on photographic and fine art cotton paper.

Photo Albums

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